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Improved Patient Outcomes, Lower Costs, and Remarkable Member Experiences. Find out how you can integrate EECP Flow Therapy to drive value.

Proven Outcomes of EECP Flow Therapy

Find out how Flow Therapy’s approach to EECP significantly reduces hospitalizations and emergency department visits, generating benefits that are sustained over a 24-month period.

More Proven Outcomes of Flow Therapy EECP

Non-invasive Flow Therapy reduces MACE rates, 90-day rehospitalization, and angina frequency while improving patient quality of life.

Flow Therapy Reduces Major Adverse Cardiac Events (MACE)

EECP Flow Therapy reduces angina classification and improves functional capacity, which is projected to reduce MACE rate.

EECP Reduces 90-Day Heart Failure Rehospitalization

The American Journal of Cardiology shows that EECP significantly reduced 90-day readmission rates among discharged patients with ischemic cardiopathy.

Flow Therapy Improves Patient Quality of Life

Based on data collected by Legacy Heart Care over a 20-month period, patients expressed a significant increase in quality of life after completing 35 EECP Flow Therapy treatments.

Flow Therapy Reduces Angina Frequency

Based on data collected by Legacy Heart Care over a 20-month period, patients reporting daily angina symptoms reduced significantly after completing EECP treatments.

Finally, The EECP Performance Metrics You Need to Make a Real Difference

There are more than 430 peer-reviewed publications demonstrating the safety and efficacy of EECP. By contrast, landmark trials like ISCHEMIA and COURAGE have shown that invasive revascularization procedures do not provide additional mortality benefit versus optimal medical therapy (OMT). Flow Therapy is a part of OMT.

At Flow Therapy, our specialized clinics are designed to optimize patient outcomes by pairing EECP treatment with a personalized care plan. This longitudinal relationship directly prevents costly downstream utilization of healthcare services.

At Flow Therapy, We Address More than EECP

Medication Reconciliation

Lifestyle Education

Smoking Cessation

Social Determinants of Health

Risk Factor Management