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Flow Therapy is advancing the EECP patient experience by pairing treatments with comprehensive education for chronic conditions including medication reconciliation.

Patient Types Who Can Benefit from Flow Therapy

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    Optimizing Medical Therapy

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    INOCA / Microvascular

  • Heart Failure

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    High Risk

Two clinicians performing EECP Flow Therapy treatment on a patient.

What Is Flow Therapy?

In the span of 35 hour-long EECP treatments delivered over 7 weeks, Flow Therapy makes a lasting difference in patients facing limitations associated with heart disease. Patients lie on a treatment table where compressive cuffs (similar to large blood pressure cuffs) are securely wrapped around their calves, thighs, and buttocks.

These cuffs inflate in a distal to proximal sequence during diastole, and deflate simultaneously just prior to the onset of systole. Inflation and deflation are specifically timed to the patient’s ECG to optimize therapeutic benefit.

The sequential cuff inflation creates a retrograde pressure wave that augments diastolic pressure, increasing coronary perfusion pressure and venous return to the right heart (increasing preload and cardiac output). Rapid and simultaneous cuff deflation decreases systemic vascular resistance, afterload, and cardiac workload.

An infographic of the Mechanism of Action providing mechanical force, physiologic changes, and cardiac benefit data.

Flow Therapy Facts & Outcomes

Examine Clinical Outcomes
  • Every year, we perform more than 40,000 EECP treatments.
  • 88% of patients see significant improvements using validated markers.
  • 1,000+ referring providers trust Flow Therapy centers to improve their patients.
  • We’ve earned a 91 Net Promoter Score (customer satisfaction).
  • There are 400+ clinical studies proving the efficacy and safety of EECP.
  • Practiced by cardiovascular leaders like Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic.
A doctor sitting at a desk and making a patient referral using the Flow Therapy app on his smartphone.

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