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America’s leading provider of EECP Flow Therapy treatments.


Flow Therapy was founded in 2003 under the name “Legacy Heart Care”.


We have 10 U.S. locations and growing.

1,000 +

Flow Therapy’s proven approach to EECP is trusted by more than
1,000 physicians.

40,000 +

Every year, Flow Therapy performs more than 40,000 EECP treatments.

A clinician and a patient standing in a hallway discussing EECP Flow Therapy treatment.

We Circulate Life

The restrictions that come along with heart disease aren’t like most. There’s a unique mix of concern and anticipation that always seems to be present, felt not just by patients, but also by their families and friends. At Flow Therapy, we offer the solution to overcome these everyday restrictions. What started with the desire to heal one turned into a lifelong commitment to serve many—and the growing belief that we can change everything.

Through non-invasive EECP Flow Therapy, proven scientific research, and an unparalleled level of compassion and dedication, we’re leading alongside the best in Cardiology to embrace a new approach to heart health. Where it’s not just about treating illness, but also unlocking wellness—strengthening and reinforcing the body to fight for itself, and create its own path back to health and happiness.

Where once people fought heart disease until the end, we’re on a mission to take patients, families, and care teams to new beginnings. We’re here until the physical, mental, and emotional struggles of heart disease become a memory, and life continues again without limit.

Core values

Who We Are at Heart

At Flow Therapy, core values aren’t just words on paper. To really make a difference for our patients, their families, and the cardiology community, our values have to be lived. We are constantly aspiring to live up to the following ideals to deliver the best experience possible.

Learn About Our Core Values

Create Extraordinary Experiences

Exude Passion

Drive Change at Every Level

Carry the Learner’s Mindset

Inject Your Personality

Think As One, Act As Many

Meet Our Board of Directors

A headshot of Michael Gratch, a member of the Flow Therapy Board of Directors.

Michael Gratch

Founder and President, Chairman

Flow Therapy, LLC
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A headshot of James D. Shelton, a member of the Flow Therapy Board of Directors.

James D. Shelton

Former Chief Executive Officer

Triad Hospitals
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A headshot of Dr. Timothy D. Henry, a member of the Flow Therapy Board of Directors.

Dr. Timothy D. Henry

Medical Director of The Carl and Edyth Lindner Center for Research and Education

The Christ Hospital
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A headshot of John Wagner, a member of the Flow Therapy Board of Directors.

John Wagner

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Trinity Investment Group, LLC
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It Started With a Mission to Heal One

In 2003, Flow Therapy president Michael Gratch decided it was time to take action. His grandfather had recently endured two bypass surgeries and still lacked the energy to do basic tasks like walking his garden. After scouring the medical world for solutions, Michael introduced his grandfather to EECP, and the results were nothing short of astounding.

Before treatments, he struggled to walk from his car to the front entrance of his appointment without chest pain. Once treatments were complete, he had enough energy to plant an entire vegetable garden completely free of pain (an inconceivable task just two months prior). And so it happened: what started as a dream to heal one person turned into a lifelong journey under the audacious thought that maybe we can put an end to heart complications for all.

Since opening our doors, we have witnessed countless stories just like Michael’s grandfather. Cases of patients who walk in hampered by severe heart conditions, and walk out with a new lease on life. There are even those without heart complications who use Flow Therapy to strengthen their heart, improve circulation, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

We encourage you to do your own research on EECP Flow Therapy to see for yourself how we can make a difference. Or even better, come by and Michael will personally show you around. Our doors are always open.

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