Who We Are at Heart

Learn about the guiding principles that drive our unique approach to EECP®.

  • Create Extraordinary Experiences

    Some experiences go so far beyond expectations that you can’t help but smile.

    We create extraordinary experiences by aligning our passions behind our immense capabilities, practicing uncommon service, and delivering above and beyond from the smallest acts of service to life-altering treatments.

  • Exude Passion

    Passion is the most contagious of human emotions. It fuels us, it empowers us, and it drives us to create extraordinary experiences.

    Passion is an outward projection of our inner purpose, and we share it freely. We harness our attention on the who and the what standing before us. Creating a friendly, fun, and dynamic experience, and inspiring those around us to pursue and share passions of their own.

  • Driving Change at Every Level

    Every day we have two choices: to progress or to regress. We choose progress. The start-up mentality is embedded in our culture, requiring each of us to not only feel comfortable with change, but to take it upon ourselves to drive the change we wish to see. By actively seeking opportunities around each corner, we open limitless possibilities at every level of the organization.

    When we engage, we engage fully. When we act, we act with intention. Anything we do, we do wholeheartedly. All in the hope that our patients, peers, and projects will know a better future.

  • Inject Your Personality

    Be unique. Be authentic. Be you. Injecting your personality into our work creates a positive environment that enables deep personal connections to form.

    Contributing your personality to the larger dynamic makes our work more interesting, adds to our diversity, promotes a healthy exchange of ideas, and lends each of us the confidence to share our core strengths.

  • Carry the Learner’s Mindset

    Knowledge is fluid, and can significantly increase through conscious effort. Carrying the Learner’s Mindset, we choose not to be preoccupied with the appearance of competency. As a team, we pledge to engage mentally and physically within each moment.

    We actively seek out new knowledge and perspectives that challenge embedded views. By embracing these experiences (and even setbacks), we arrive at a deeper level of understanding, and more informed relationships.

  • Think As One, Act As Many

    We share a common purpose with the cardiology community: to significantly affect every life we touch in a meaningful and positive way. Our ability to sustain this impact is derived from our commitment to working in the same direction as one.

    Though we’re each accountable for our own responsibilities, each of us must recognize our role and reliance on each other in achieving operational excellence. Through this interdependence, we’ll not only work harder, but also work smarter.