The 5 Most Common Long COVID Symptoms

woman experiencing long covid symptoms
Written by: Jennifer

After picking up COVID-19, certain individuals struggle to overcome the disease completely and experience Long COVID symptoms for weeks (or even months) post-infection. 

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According to a recent Long COVID study, there are over 50 Long COVID symptoms that patients tend to experience.

These symptoms can include everything from renal failure and myocarditis to nausea and dizziness. But what are some of the most common symptoms of COVID Long Haulers? Let’s take a look at 5 right now.

Common side effects of Long COVID

Amount of patients studied: 47,910

Age range: 17 years to 87 years

Time frame: up to 110 days post-infection

Percent of individuals who experienced Long COVID symptoms: up to 80%

Most common Long COVID symptoms:

  • Fatigue (58%)
  • Headache (44%)
  • Attention Disorder (27%)
  • Hair Loss (25%)
  • Dyspnea (24%)

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Full list of Long Haul COVID symptoms

  1. Fatigue
  2. Headache
  3. Attention Disorder 
  4. Hair Loss
  5. Dyspnea 
  6. Ageusia 
  7. Anosmia
  8. Post-activity polypnea
  9. Joint Pain
  10. Cough 
  11. Sweat 
  12. Nausea or Vomit
  13. Chest Pain/Discomfort 
  14. Memory Loss 
  15. Hearing loss or tinnitus 
  16. Anxiety 
  17. Depression 
  18. Digestive disorders
  19. Weight loss 
  20. Cutaneous signs 
  21. Resting heart rate increase
  22. Palpitations
  23. Pain
  24. Intermittent Fever 
  25. Sleep Disorder 
  26. Reduced pulmonary diffusing capacity 
  27. Sleep Apnea 
  28. Chills 
  29. Health Care related Mental Health 
  30. Psychiatric illness 
  31. Red Eyes 
  32. Pulmonary Fibrosis
  33. Discontinuous flushing 
  34. Diabetes Mellitus 
  35. Sputum
  36. Limb edema
  37. Dizziness 
  38. Stroke
  39. Throat Pain 
  40. Mood Disorders 
  41. Dysphoria 
  42. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
  43. New Hypertension
  44. Myocarditis
  45. Renal Failure 
  46. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  47. Arrythmia 
  48. Paranoia
  49. Abnormal Chest XRay/CT 
  50. Elevated D-dimer 
  51. Elevated NT-proBNP
  52. Elevated C-reactive protein 
  53. Elevated Serum Ferritin 
  54. Elevated Procalcitonin
  55. Elevated IL-6 

How to manage post-COVID symptoms

If you’re dealing with post-COVID symptoms, make sure you’re following up with a medical provider who is willing to customize a treatment plan based on your unique symptoms

“Management of all these effects requires further understanding to design individualized, dynamic cross-sectoral interventions in Post-COVID clinics with multiple specialties, including graded exercise, physical therapy, continuous checkups, and cognitive behavioral therapy when required.” – MedRxiv

At Flow Therapy, we offer a ground-breaking, non-invasive Long COVID treatment option. Our EECP treatment helps Long Haulers deal with post-COVID symptoms that include shortness of breath, chest pain, and difficulty exercising and walking. To learn more about this treatment option, check out the science behind Flow Therapy or take our online Long COVID assessment

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